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Woman Gets Emotional As Her Dog Is Still Alive After Tornado Hits Her House

Eight severe tornadoes have struck Arkansas, with two of them actually being powerful EF2 tornadoes. Unfortunately, Logan County residents were forced to flee their homes as an EF2 tornado wreaked havoc in the area.

The residence of Ona and Bruce Dunlap was entirely destroyed by the tornado. Dasha, the Dunlaps’ fearful dog, had refused to leave the house during the storm, the Dunlaps recounted. Dasha was left trapped in the disintegrating house while the rest of the family went to the emergency shelter.

When the storm subsided, the Dunlaps went back to their house to see how Dasha was doing. In the midst of the somber ruins, Ona burst into tears as she spotted her puppy waiting anxiously at the entrance. She raced to hug her dog and cried out to the stars, thanking them for keeping the defenceless baby safe!

The Dunlaps’ home was destroyed in the by the tornado, but they are relieved that their beloved puppy was safe. Please keep an eye out for the particularly vulnerable pets if you reside in a storm-prone location. Let us express our prayers to all those who have been affected by the tornado!

Thank God, the dog is doing well and reunited back with the family. This is definitely such a touching story! Have a look at the following video for more, feel free to let us know your comment on the video, and please do not forget to spread out the video on social media with your friends and family!

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