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Will Little Cro be lucky to escape death after crossing into territory of enormous beast?

An enormous crocodile gave a smaller rival the fright of its life after it made the mistake of crossing into its territory.

These hair-raising snaps, taken by wildlife ranger Jan Pienaar, captured the moment a young crocodile was forced to dive into a river to evade the jaws of a giant reptile.

The huge beast bared its teeth as a warning to the smaller croc before aiming a bite at its tail, narrowly missing its younger cousin as it made an escape by jumping into the water.

Mr. Pienaar caught the incredible moment on camera in Kruger National Park, north-east South Africa, in October. At first sight, it appears the younger crocodile managed to get away unscathed, however, the ranger says it might not have been so lucky.

Shortly after the first crocodile disappeared from view, the larger reptile followed it into the water – and neither re-emerged.

Mr. Pienaar said: ‘We actually witnessed the same behaviour on the previous day, but missed the opportunity of getting pictures.  ‘We were lucky here that the smaller of the crocs were on the bank until the big guy pushed him off his perch.

‘Strangely, the big guy pursued the smaller croc into the water, where they both disappeared from view.’ African crocodiles usually grow up to around 12ft in length, with an average weight of around 90 stone, and have been known to eat reptiles – but not usually each other.

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