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What Will Happen When Crocodile – Swamp King Protects His Children From Invaders

Crocodiles have loitered on sandy banks and roamed rivers for at least 80 million years. With such legendary survivability to boast, you would expect these ancient animals to have no need to worry about rival predators. But you were wrong. Crocodiles are sometimes the target of big cats, and although crocodilians have a higher hatching rate and better resistance to threats than other reptiles, many young are still eaten by predators. hungry hunt.

A female alligator meticulously burrows in the sand before filling the hole with a nest of eggs. After sending in its brood, the crocodile “moved out a short distance to bask in the sun, but close enough to keep an eye on its cubs. Not long after, a pair of lizards appeared looking for an easy meal easy.

The crocodile tried to chase the lizards away for a while, but the trackers prevailed and got them. Crocodile eggs are a popular treat for these casual eaters known to mock everything from fish and crustaceans to small mammals and the undead.

Commanding an egg from an alligator is no small undertaking, and dodgy lizards will usually stay a safe distance from the water’s edge in case they need to flee an attack. If cornered and forced to fight, they will thrash each other with their tails to inflict considerable damage. Sharp teeth and claws add to the arsenal, and if threatened, the lizard will spit out a foul-smelling musk to deter attackers.

The duo’s multi-pronged attack eventually led to success when they landed at least one egg. The challenge of stealing crocodile eggs is made significantly more difficult due to the fact that giant reptiles are known to protect their nests from aggressive predators.

Sadly for at least one unborn alligator, this reptilian showdown ended successfully for the monitor lizard.

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