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What animal dares to tease the lion?

The honey badger in the animal kingdom when it is not afraid of any animals, from poisonous snakes to lions.
Visitors record a fight between a honey badger and a lion in Thornybush nature reserve, Rivonia, South Africa, according to Viral Hog. The video was shot in September last year and was shared online on November 20.

With a fearless aggressive nature, the famous honey badger couple burst into the midst of a herd of six lions in an African national park, blatantly provoking the opponent and winning a spectacular victory.

Except for trying to run away, no animal in the wild dares directly confront a lion without fear of losing its life. Yet a wild little prey dared to provoke the lion while being hunted.

Yet the honey badger, a daredevil, dared to provoke the lion while he was the prey the lion was aiming for. As soon as Africa’s most feared predator rushes in, the honey badger jumps back and responds fiercely. It does not run away, but also has tantalizing and wild actions to attack the lion.This isn’t the first time a honey badger has been caught fighting a hunter. It has been seen to respond to leopards, pythons, or hyenas in similar situations.

This time, after threatening the lion again, the badger ran off. Meanwhile, lions only know how to chase in helplessness and perhaps even anger when being teased by their prey.

The honey badger, scientifically known as Mellivora capensis, is a carnivorous species of the weasel family. The honey badger is widely distributed in Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. In the wild, they are rarely hunted by other animals because of their thick skin and fierce defense.

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