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Unlucky fish eaten by bigger fish and then gobbled up by a greedy crocodile

The incident was over in a flash but a photographer captured the amazing moment the predator fell prey. The catfish caught the smaller fish and enjoyed it without knowing it was being noticed by the most fearsome predatory fish on this riverbank.

One unlucky fish found its place in the circle of life when it was eaten by not one, but TWO other animals. The small fish becomes a meal for animals at the top of the food chain. This sensational photo shows a Jacar fish panicking as he realizes he and the smaller fish are about to be devoured by a crocodile. Thinking it would have a hearty meal, the catfish probably didn’t expect it to become prey so quickly.

The greedy alligator got more than he bargained for when he caught the fish, ending with two dinners. The alligator easily has two dinners for a big mouth. It was an easy hunt.

The photo was taken off the banks of the Rio Negriinho Pantanal, Brazil, the vibrant waters provide an excellent breeding ground for marine life. Massimiliano Bencivenni, 45, was lucky enough to get the picture at the right moment before it was all over in the blink of an eye.

Massimiliano, who lives in Spoleto, Umbria, said: “It was over immediately. “I could see what was happening and think, ‘I need to act fast. “Unbelievable.”

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