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Unexpected moment 63-year-old man shoots a 12-foot python as it stretches one of his goats

This is the moment a Florida grandfather shot dead a 12-foot snake as it strangled one of his goats.

Scott Dame, 63, opened fire on the Burmese python after his 10-year-old grandson found it around 200 yards from his house wrapped around the young female goat.

Dame’s first shot managed to uncoil the snake but it took several before it died. The goat had already been strangled.

Dame, who owns Dame Pest Solutions, filmed the incident and his granddaughter shared footage of it on social media.

She said it was the second goat from their herd to go missing in quick succession.

‘We have lots of animals out here mostly for the kids we have a big family.

‘A couple weeks ago one of the goats went missing we thought maybe a Bob cat got it but that was unlikely because there was no sign of a struggle no fur anywhere.

‘Recently another goat was missing and when we went to look for it my grandpa caught the snake in action.

‘He has lots of experience with wild life but we never thought something like this would show up here!’ she said.

The family were at her grandfather’s house when her 10-year-old cousin came running in from outside to say he had found the missing goat but that it was being attacked.

Dame grabbed his gun and followed the boy outside. He fired eight shots in total, following the snake as it attempted to slither away after the first round.

The breed of snake is not native to North America and is most commonly found in parts of Southern Asia.

Dame’s family say they have become menacing pests in Naples after a handful, which had been kept as exotic pets, were either released or escaped into the wild and began breeding.

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