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Two Male Leopards Fight and Struggle to Bring Down Large Warthog

All of the time I have spent both visiting the bush growing up and now working here full time has taught me to expect the unexpected but I never could have prepared for what we were about to witness.

The keen eyes of my tracker, Foster, had singled out the outline of a leopard lying on a distant termite mound. Not even five minutes passed by when the head of a large female warthog cautiously peered from underground.He tensed, she made her break, he leaped and they rolled down the side of the mound in a small cloud of dust. The squealing distress call of the sow was ear-splitting.

The Tu Tones male had now locked on and improved his hold, lying on his back he had the poor warthog in a position where he could put her out of her misery with a strangulation bite.All the squealing had attracted the attention of the Earthly male who, unbeknownst to us, was within earshot of the unfolding scene.

The Earthly male, ever the opportunist, came slinking in, pausing along the way to make sure he wasn’t running into a pride of lions. The tussle was brief – any longer and the warthog may have escaped.A tug of war ensued, both males in desperate need of a meal, neither leopard willing to give in. The Earthly male had somehow managed to get a better hold and based on his grip had the slight upper hand.

The warthog eventually succumbed and the Earthly male took full advantage of his strong position on the carcass. He spun around and threw his weight behind the limp sow.Twisting and pushing the Tu Tones male off of what was originally his hard-earned catch.

We left the scene once the dejected Tu Tones male made his way to the top of the mound to watch his hard work being dragged off by the Earthly male into some long grass.A truly once-in-a-lifetime sighting and something I will remember forever.

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