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Tortoise Pulls Head Out Of shell and reacts violently when attacked by a snake

One weekend, the owner saw that the weather was warm, so he put the tortoise in the yard, and while basking in the sun, he could also exercise. After drying for more than an hour, the little brother wanted to take the tortoise back to the house, but when he walked into the yard, he squeezed a cold sweat for the tortoise.

I don’t know where a snake came and was attacking the tortoise. The tortoise is like an honest person, motionless, the snake is very aggressive, and the tortoise is tightly bound with its body. The size of the snake is medium, and overall it looks like a tortoise. The snake is jokingly called the assassin of the animal kingdom, but the owner can’t figure out why the assassin should treat tortoises as prey. If the snake is an assassin, the tortoise is a meat shield, and it does not mean that snakes can take advantage of it.

The snake kept circling around the tortoise as if looking for a suitable attack position. Considering the poisonous body of some snakes, the owner dared not go up and help. Just when the owner was unable to do anything, the tortoise stretched out his head, and then the battle was reversed.

After the tortoise poked out his head, he directly bit the snake’s body with one bite. The snake wanted to get away because of the pain. The tortoise went and refused to let it go. Then he used his forelimbs to hold the body of the snake. In between, the tortoise was much heavier than the snake. This time the tortoise was unable to escape Up.

After trapping the snake, the tortoise continued to attack, biting the snake bit by bit, showing no mercy. After a while, the snake’s body was bitten by a hole, because the injury was too serious, and he was unable to escape, and finally, the snake died out. The owner always thought that tortoises are vegetarian. After seeing this scene, they knew that they would also eat meat. This snake is also unlucky. The tortoise hasn’t driven meat for several months and hit a gun by himself.

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