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To steal the meat of the one-eyed hyena, the lion “depends on the strong to bully the weak.”

The one-eyed hyena encounters a fierce lioness, so it is inevitable that she will be injured, so she has to give a little food to the lioness. One morning in Kruger National Park, South Africa, amateur photographer Corlette Wessels, and her crew saw a strange sight, an elderly one-eyed hyena eating the carcass of a dead animal. underwater, unaware that a lioness is stalking her prey.

To everyone’s surprise, the poor hyena did not react or notice the approach of the ferocious lioness. Even when the lion is close to the hyena, the hyena is completely oblivious. Only when she heard the lioness roar, the hyena turned to protest. It bared its few teeth to protest against the lion’s intentions, but it was useless. Many people have guessed that the hyena will definitely be mauled to death by the lioness.

Contrary to the hyena’s nervous appearance, the lioness was calm, threatening the hyena to yield her food. Surprisingly, after snarling for a while, the lion spared the hyena. The hyena resigned, leaving her meal to the lion.

Reliably, the lioness successfully chased away the old, ailing hyena. After eating, the lion leisurely walked towards the bushes, hiding in his territory. According to photographer Corlette Wessels, both the lioness and the female hyena have many battle scars on their bodies, but the hyenas are more seriously injured.

In the wild, there are times when lionesses encounter hyenas and are ready to kill their prey. There are also many cases of hyenas overpowering lions, stealing meat from lions who hunt alone.

The confrontations between lions and hyenas never end, they are always antagonistic in nature and most clashes are bloody. However, there are also extremely rare moments when lions and hyenas share the carcass of a wildebeest like this.

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