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To Get The Whale Carcass, Two Brown Bears Fiercely Attack Each Other

Two giant brown bears have been recorded fighting it over whale carcasses.

It’s great to see this. The two large male brown bears in the area have been trying to intimidate each other for quite some time, jaws and strutting around each other. Meanwhile, a number of smaller bears – including one female with her cubs – roamed to feed.

The first male entered to join the party, apparently undisturbed by the mama bear. “Finally the second male stepped down, with that classic sideways strutting gait and headed straight for the woman. Females run to safety and females go into defensive mode.

After a brief but intense battle, the two males cautiously stepped away from each other, eventually continuing their day.

The brawl served as an opportunity to share insight into bear behavior, including how best to respond when confronted with one of the giant creatures.

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