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Tiger Carrying Deer In Her Mouth Like A Cub, Plays With It Or Eating It?

The joyful cat was seen jumping next to the deer, hitting it, and even carrying it in her mouth like a cub. Photographer Souvik Kundu captured the scenes at the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, India.

The expectation amongst the crowd was that the feline would swiftly kill the deer and devour it. But instead, the gentle animal tenderly played with the deer before leaving it unharmed and carrying on with her day.

Snapper Souvik said: “When she slowly emerged from the cover we were astonished to find she was playing with a hapless spotted deer fawn. “The tigress seemed to be in a playful mood, jumping around in excitement.”

After playing for about 15 minutes the tiger retreated, leaving the deer to rest in the grass. Having snapped the events, Souvik, 35, from Mumbai, named the series ‘The Benevolent Queen’ due to the tiger’s caring nature.

He added: “I’m still not sure why the tigress did not prey on the little deer when the chance presented and acted so unnaturally. “One probable explanation is the tigress was in search of a mate and her urge for motherhood temporarily overcame predatory instinct. “As a result, she had confused the fawn for her own offspring.”

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