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Three Aggressive Cheetahs Grip The Lone Red Hartebeest, But Will Lunch Be Easy?

Three opportunistic cheetahs target a red scarab. But this photo sequence could very well break your preconceived ideas about predators and prey.

The red rose leopard is securely clamped by two cheetahs while a third rests in the distance, believed to be the cheetah mother and its two juveniles are in fact three siblings .

Despite staring at death facing death, hartebeest had no intention of giving up easily. Gerhard watched in amazement as the antelope continued to struggle. Adding to the conspiracy: why didn’t the third cheetah participate in the murder?

“The substructures don’t seem to be strong enough to control the scarab – it went down and became active again after many attempts to kill it.”

Gerhard said: ‘When one cat inflicted horrific bites on the back of the stag, the other cat desperately tried to kill it.

Battered, bruised and exhausted, the scarab beetle’s chances of survival fade with each painful bite.

“As the cheetahs gathered their strength, the leopard got up and ran towards the Rooiplaats Loop.”

“Three cheetahs had to make peace with their failed foraging efforts. We still wonder what happened to the injured scarab.”

As the third cheetah enjoyed the shade of a nearby tree, the other Gerhard wondered why it didn’t join the fight.

“As the critically injured hyena fled in the direction of the unresolved cheetah, the spotted cat got up with great difficulty and limped away.”“We are sending a team every day to look for them, but our efforts have been in vain. During a recent game investigation, we extensively tracked their known territories from the air, but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. ”

“We believe she is still alive. Remember, this leopard made a full recovery from a broken leg at a much younger age.”

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