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This Heartmelting Trio Is Inseparable And Do Everything Together

Penny is a sweet little girl who adores Raven and Woodhouse, her dogs. The three have been together since Penny was a small toddler, with the dog and cat guarding her as if she were their own.

The tight link that the trio has created, especially when it comes to daily routines, is the most astounding aspect of their relationship. Raven, the dog, and Woodhouse, the cat, taught Penny how to get ready for bed.

Fans may follow the popular companions on Instagram to keep up with their everyday activities. When it’s time for Penny to nap, the dog and cat accompany her to her crib.

When it’s time to get up, the fantastic three are back at it, playing in the yard, snuggling in bed, and even watching the little girl while she eats cookies and snacks. Christina, their 30-year-old mother, says she’s always up for taking cute shots of the dog, cat, and baby.

Raven is constantly close by, waiting for handouts or droppings, and Penny enjoys sitting by her mother while she prepares dinner. The dog and cat had already fallen in love before Penny arrived. The family’s natural development was to add a darling little human to the mix.

When the newborn was small, Woodhouse was immediately intrigued by her and kept a close eye on her. Raven spotted his kitty pal and made it a point to join in and assist Penny in her development.

Woodhouse will occasionally curl up in a plastic container, and Penny will put all of her plastic toys and blocks around him. He doesn’t appear to mind as he soaks up all the attention and love.

A youngster who forms a positive relationship with a pet can aid develop nonverbal communication, empathy, and compassion, according to AACAP. In the video below, you can see these three sweethearts.

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