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This baby elephant was lucky to escape death after a crocodile tried to bite off its trunk – only for its mother to come to the rescue

A two-day-old baby hippo was killed after its mother put it in its shell and other hippos dissected the newborn. The baby was being acquainted with the other members when it suddenly fell into the water and was torn to pieces. The calf’s remains were then taken over by an opportunistic alligator, which quickly devoured the tattered carcass after a devastating water strike.

The calf and its mother waited nervously by the bank before introducing the calf to the rest of the shell. The hippopotamus didn’t stand the chance when several adult hippos pounced on it in the water. It is believed that hippos sometimes commit murder when they are overcrowded or struggling with some form of illness.

It remains unclear why hippos engage in cyber-aggression due to the difficulty of studying aggressive creatures. Hippos tend to attack strays too close to their lake, fearing that their cubs may be in danger from humans. We mostly see hippos lounging around in the water with their adorable eyes and ears raised, they seem to be lazy creatures.

Violent beasts lunged at the helpless calf, hurling it into the air without showing any remorse, leaving the water bloodshot. Apparently a mother hippo, detached from its shell, is nursing her young. The mother usually isolates herself from the nest and slowly introduces the young when they feel ready. While the mother protects the calf, it makes no apparent effort to keep the baby hippo from getting too close as it staggers during its first few steps on land. Somehow the mother started to protest something was about to go down.

The three adults launched themselves towards the girl and carried her to safety. The calf ran aground on the other side while they continued to aim for the mother. A hippo colony typically has 10 to 15 large hippos and is known to be the other hippo that breaks out of the pack to dominate the male. They are known for their aggressive behavior and kill people if they sense danger. Hippos spend most of their time in the water to prevent their skin from cracking from the heat. Hippos, which means ‘river horse’, can weigh up to 3,200 kg and are not considered endangered.

Thrown into the air like a small grasshopper, the adult ruthlessly kills the baby hippo in the murky waters. The water turned red as the gruesome scene began to unfold. It is not clear what causes the adult to turn on the calf. A hippo colony typically contains 10 to 15 large hippos and has been known to drive other hippos out of the herd in an act of male dominance. A hungry alligator quickly grabbed the rest of the baby hippo before swallowing it in the water.

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