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The Wildebeest’S River Crossing Claimed The Lives Of More Than 100 Members.

A lone wildebeest crossed a river after its waters killed hundreds of members of its herd, watching life take another turn when it was killed by a hippo angry cow. Hundreds of wildebeest were seen lying dead on the banks of a river in the National Reserve during the first crossing of the season.

While a wildebeest tried to get past a stampede to cross killing many of its herd, it was attacked by an angry hippo in the water. Having survived a wildebeest stampede as its herd crossed the river, this lone animal began to bravely cross the water to the other side.

In a matter of seconds, it was confronted by a large and less amusing hippo. Hippos can be seen attacking the wildebeest underwater, trying to push it below the surface. Despite surviving the stampede, the poor animal stood no chance against an angry hippo in the water. Wildebeest live on the plains and migrate in giant circles across borders.

The mass migration of more than 1.2 million animals is recognized as one of the ‘Wonders of the Natural World. And every year, hundreds of them die when huge herds cross the river. Some succumbed to the current, others were trampled in a melee while crossing or unable to cross steep riverbanks, while others were eaten by crocodiles.

The panic in the wildebeest’s eyes was evident as it tried to swim away from the hippo. Wildebeest have no chance against powerful hippos. Despite trying their best to flee, the wildebeest did not survive the storm.

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