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The wild boar and the jaguar fight each other and the jaguar’s powerful move

Recently, a special moment between a jaguar and a wild boar was captured by photographer Peter Thompson, 27, in the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya. The wild leopard darted about in a show of speed, its front legs spread like wings before it took down the wild boar. This is the first time the photographer has witnessed such a rare moment.

The hungry leopard was hunting and it discovered its prey nearby, which was a wild boar. After the stalking, the leopard rushed out in front of the wild boar at close range.

Facing the unexpected, the wild boar had no way to escape and was forced to die. The two wild animals wrestled each other for about 2 minutes. Clouded leopards seem to want to play with their prey for a few minutes.

The wild leopard suddenly threw itself like flying in the air, making the wild boar stand frozen in surprise. Photographer Peter Thompson captured the breathtaking moment from 20m away.

Thompson said that if the wild boar had confronted the lion, it would have attacked and then fled. But when it encountered a leopard with outstanding speed, it was helpless. After that, the clouded leopard didn’t have much difficulty biting the wild boar’s weak point.

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