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The unruly hyena steals prey from the giant python’s mouth

Across the grasslands of Africa, rock pythons are among the most feared predators. Their muscular strength and extremely sharp teeth can kill many large animals such as wild boars or antelope.

While taking tourists on a tour, tour guide Jason Joubert saw an African rock python that had just killed an impala.

However, before enjoying the party, the python fell into the sight of the hyena. In itially, the hyena was still quite shy when facing the “big” python. However, when hunger prompted, it went ahead to choose a way to steal the python’s prey.

Thanks to its agility, the hyena easily snatched the python’s prey. Then, it pulled the impala’s carcass away to slowly enjoy. The giant python could only watch without reacting.

Despite facing one of the most fearsome predators across the grasslands of Africa, the hyena still recklessly snatches prey from its opponent.

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