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The tiny chipmunk eats even poisonous snakes thanks to a formidable ability

Despite possessing a small shape and cute appearance, chipmunks are top predators, able to defeat venomous snakes and use them as a lucrative meal.

With his inherent agility and facing only a small venomous snake, the chipmunk easily killed the opponent and slowly enjoyed the nutrient-rich feast.

In the wild, venomous snakes have always been known as the most fearsome predators. With bites that carry a lethal amount of venom and excellent stalking ability, they are a terror to many small animals, birds, reptiles…

However, in the video above, the chipmunk surprised many people when he easily captured the poisonous snake and turned his opponent into a hearty meal for it.

However, it must be admitted that the squirrel was lucky when the snake was too young, not yet mature enough to have many hunting skills.

“I never knew a Chipmunk was an Omnivore until this day. I was wandering along a waterfront trail when I spotted a battle between a Chipmunk and some sort of baby snake.”

“They fought, for a few minutes, the snake eventually just tried to get away but to no avail. This is the tail (no pun intended) end of the fight Chipmunk is almost victorious at this point.”

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