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The onslaught of wildebeests forced the lion to flee

Mr. Award Fendick was on an expedition through the Pilanesberg mountain range in South Africa when he came across a battle of wits between two of the area’s most dangerous predators.

As a result, Mr. Fendick’s convoy was on its way. I witnessed a scene in which three cheetahs had just killed a wildebeest.

The cheetahs, on the other hand, appeared worried, in stark contrast to the mood of a victor who had just hunted down prey. Fendick’s group eventually discovered what scared the leopards: a pack of wild dogs. Perhaps the smell of raw meat drew them to this location.

Wild dogs are the pack predator with the greatest success rate in Africa. Scientific tactics and discipline have created the brand of wild dogs. They do not rush into a fight but use the tactic of approaching slowly, putting pressure on the leopards from many sides.

Tactics are bold, hitting the opponent’s psychology maximizes the effect. Although the leopards tried very hard to fight, they were powerless against the majority of opponents. Not only that, but the wild dogs also do not want to use force, but just surround the opponent and threaten with their extremely annoying “shrill” cries.

In the end, the cheetahs had to concede defeat, leaving their spoils to the wild dogs. Africa is large but very small in the eyes of predators because in this land just “open” a little, you will immediately meet those who are ready to rob their prey.

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