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The Never-Ending Battle Between The Antelope And The Leopard With An Unexpected Ending.

Never let them see you coming. That is the unofficial motto of all predators. But the tactic didn’t work for this big cat when it tried to take down an antelope that appeared to be busy fighting with another male.

The red leopard had just spent ten minutes locking horns with an opponent in the plains when the leopard, with the right timing to take down a feeble target, pounced. At one point the antelope was running with the hanging leopard before releasing it. The leopard was so big and strong, after the battle, the leopard limped on its left front foot. The antelope had some scratches and a bit of a cut on its shoulder, which I think was due to the fight with the other antelope.

A leopard stealthily jumps onto an antelope while the animal is fighting an opponent. The male antelope suddenly found himself going from fighting for supremacy to fighting for his life on the savanna.
The leopard pounces on its prey just as the mighty leopard is locking horns with another male.

Things are going wrong… The leopard seems to be clinging to the leopard’s trophy for dear life as the fight continues. The antelope, realizing it was surrounded by enemies, began to act in evasive action to keep itself alive.

The leopard dodges just as another leopard rushes to ram the opponent into the rear of the car. The combination of a round-necked leopard and a rival leopard in the back caused the unlucky antelope to tumble.

The content presumably that he won this round, lechwe the opponent disappeared – leaving our hero to fight alone with the big cat. It looks like the leopard has the upper hand as the leopard curls up on his shoulders.

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