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The Moment The Leopard Snatched The Cub From Its Mother And Devoured It.

All this cub wants is a safe place to sit while its mother hunts for food. Instead, it becomes another animal’s lunch when a hungry leopard pounces on its three-week-old cub and climbs a tree to devour it.

The cub’s mother took her cubs deeper into a dry bush to make sure it was safe so it could hunt for food.
However, instead of providing his cubs with a well-earned lunch, a leopard surreptitiously pounced on one of the unprotected cubs left alone by their mother. The lion cub was visibly scared as it was taken away.

The leopard brought the female leopard up a tree in her mouth before swallowing the helpless lion cub. The lioness is moving her cubs deeper into the bush for safety when she has to leave them alone to hunt. They have no hands, so they have to use their mouths to gently hold the cubs.

A 160-pound leopard pounced on a three-week-old lion cub left alone by its mother and climbed a tree to devour it. The cub was left alone by its mother while she moved her other cubs to the safety of a nearby bush before she hunted for food.

The cubs are helpless and defenseless and the perfect prey for a hungry leopard who has imagined a lion cub for dinner in the sun. The clouded leopard grabbed its cub in its jaws and sped off. It climbs a tree before eating its young in the shade.

The cub’s mother looked shocked with her mouth gaping open and her eyes wide when she realized what had happened to her child. The lioness moves her other cubs into the safety of the nearby bush to prevent another terrible attack by the hungry leopard.

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