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The Moment The Female Chimp Gave Birth To A Baby, The Male Chimpanzee Snatched It And Ate It Immediately

On a rainy day in the mountains, a chimpanzee named Devota unexpectedly gave birth in front of us.

Up until that point, we didn’t even know that she was pregnant. In a flash, an elderly male chimpanzee ran up and grabbed the baby. It was so sudden that the mother could not hold her child in her arms.

The male chimpanzee ran and hugged the newborn baby. We can’t tell if the baby was born dead or if the male chimp killed it while eating it. Either way, he then climbed a tree and ate most of an infant’s body.

Usually, female chimpanzees leave their family group when they are ready to give birth and they give birth on their own. The researchers found that women who took time off for reasons other than pregnancy spent less time than women who took maternity leave.

Chimpanzees form trusting friendships unlike humans.Cannibal monkey in the case of cannibalism puzzling
Eating babies is a bad idea.And such behavior is extremely rare among these animals. Cannibalism is common in the wild, but it’s quite rare in primates, like chimpanzees.

A male may want to kill a young in his group to get the female ready to mate again. A woman with someone else’s child will not be willing to mate, which means she will spend time raising someone else’s child instead of yours. The sudden cannibalism event left many unanswered questions.

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