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The mighty lion not only missed the big prey, but also had to climb the tree to hide

Photographer Nick Sims said he was extremely lucky to witness and capture images of an epic battle between a large herd of wild buffalo and a mighty lion. The results were extremely surprised when the famous carnivores suffered from the madness of the buffalo herd.

According to the photographer, towards the end of the dry season grass and water are scarce, and herbivores like wild buffalo become more vulnerable as they lose their ideal survival conditions. At this time, lions will often hide in the trails and wait. Any weak and negligent individual that separates from the group is in dire danger.

However, the belligerent young lions still caught a gullible wild buffalo. They perform a collective attack, and together they rush to bite and tear the buffalo. Unfortunately, when not completely controlling the large prey, the lion was counterattacked by the buffalo herd, including 2 young male lions who had to climb the Marula tree to hide.

Unwilling to go hunting without returning empty-handed, the lions decided to accept temporary defeat and continued to stand still to watch the buffalo herd. In the end, the young lions were able to isolate two wild buffaloes, absorbed in food, but lagged at least 200 meters behind the herd. Immediately, they rushed to bite their prey, determined not to let the prey reach their mouth and lose it like last time.

Seeing their fellow men in danger, the wild buffalo herd frantically rushed back, they defied everything to rescue two injured buffaloes. Realizing that a large piece of bait could not be released, the young lion was extremely angry and struggled with the buffalo herd for a long time before giving up. Two wild buffaloes were seriously injured and probably died shortly after, but were still protected by the herd and escorted from the lion’s death land.

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