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The lioness received a bitter ending when she was kicked by a zebra and her face swelled up due to carelessness

According to photographer Kyle de Nobrega, when he and his crew took a break one morning at the South Luangwa wildlife reserve, he discovered three lionesses in a state of hunting ambush. kill the prey and quickly capture this rare moment.

Natural puddles with low bushes growing around are always the perfect ambush sites that lions love. Hiding in the bushes, lions can easily observe every move of their prey, create surprises, and increase the success rate of hunting.

All three lionesses hid in the bushes patiently and silently watched a herd of zebras slowly drinking their beverage. When it saw an opportunity, a lioness threw herself like an arrow at the herd of zebras.

It quickly caught up with the last few zebras who were busy drinking. Making extremely fast calculations, the lioness turned to attack the largest zebra.

However, due to the close distance, the strong bouncing force could not help the lion jump on the zebra’s back, it pounced on the prey’s butt and suffered the consequences of its carelessness.

Attacking in the wrong place, the tundra lioness kicks the back with both zebra legs to the face. The powerful rear kick brought the zebra’s peak fear and extreme anger, causing the lioness to fly away in pain.

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