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The hound’s unfavorable pursuit and the hippo’s massive strength

The thrilling scene occurs when a pack of wild dogs chases after an antelope on a small lake; the antelope even stands on the back of a hippo to escape the wild dogs’ pursuit. It appears that it was tired of fighting for its life and agreed to let the stray dogs pull it out of the small lake.

In Kruger National Park, South Africa, cinematographer Rogan Roams and guides Francois Pienaar witness the clash of wild dogs, impalas, hippos, and hyenas in two different vehicles. They learned over the phone that a pack of African wild dogs was hunting impalas on the asphalt road.

After a while of struggle, the antelope was exhausted and lay directly under the clutches of the hound. Death seems to be waiting for it. The wild dog shortens the distance from the antelope. It grabs its prey by the nape of the neck and pulls it under the water. But at this moment, the savior of the antelope returned in time. Create a dramatic confrontation. It uses its toned body and jaws to fight and drive away from the ferocious hounds. It also knocks the antelope out of the water.

On the shore, the pack of wild dogs ran along the edge of the lake to see if they could capture the antelope but failed because the hippopotamus remained nearby. Eventually, they lose interest and leave the area.

The African wild dog is one of the world’s most endangered mammals with about 1,400 individuals left in the wild. The largest populations of wild dogs are concentrated in southern Africa and the East African region. This predator is very aggressive and is the enemy of all animals. The hounds must have had an unwelcome hunt. The hippo once again showed its strength, fighting two enemies alone.

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