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The fierce Bengal tiger is retaliated against by the mother bear

A mother bear accidentally disturbed two mating tigers. AND instead of running away in fear, the two ferocious beasts confronted each other, the mother bear raised her front paws to show the tigress who was the strong one.

The mother bear carrying two cubs on her back was extremely angry, bravely facing a huge tigress, determined to protect the survival of her parents and cubs. The mother bear blocked the tiger’s path, roaring at the enemy when its sides drew near, its plumage erect.

The mother bear lunged at the tigress, which was completely taken aback by the bear’s attack. The mother bear roared, slamming her knife-like claws at the tiger and its mate. The two then made their way out.

At one point the mother bear seemed to have put herself in a dangerous place, but soon she took control of the situation. For more than two minutes, the mother bear made the tigress back away.

The mother bear in the fight is a sloth bear native to the Indian subcontinent and is a vulnerable species. Meanwhile, the Bengal tiger is one of the largest wild cats in the world, native to India.

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