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The Bold Honey Badger Made A War And Tore The Python In An Instant

Although many times larger than the honey badger, the giant African rock python still had to succumb to the recklessness and flexibility of its small opponent.

Photographer Susan McConnell captured the dramatic moments of the dramatic confrontation between the honey badger and the African rock python during his exploration of the Singita Lebombo reserve in Kruger National Park near the border with Mozambique, Africa Geographic on 3. /4 reported.

The honey badger encountered a giant rock python under a tree as soon as it came out of the cave entrance. Instead of panicking to find a way to escape, the honey badger stared at the python as if it detected a hunting target.

The honey badger calmly approached the rock python, startling and annoyed the python.Sniffing the danger of the honey badger, the rock python rushes to attack as fast as lightning.

However, the honey badger is extremely defensive. It jumps back and forth until it finds the rock python’s weak point.

In the end, thanks to his reckless and flexible nature, the badger won a spectacular victory. It killed the giant rock python. In the photo, the honey badger is dragging the dead rock python to a secluded place to comfortably enjoy a hearty meal.

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