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Terrifying moment rare White Tiger was killed by Bengal ‘After Zookeeper’s left enclosure door opened’

This is the dramatic moment a rare white tiger can be seen being stalked and pounced by Bengali relations in a shocking video.

The footage was recorded at a zoo in Bengaluru, India, and takes place after the mistake of a zookeeper.

Reports in the local media allege that one of the zoo’s staff left open a door leading to the Bengal enclosure, allowing two white tigers from a neighboring house to wander in.

Two big cats, named Amar and Shreyas, find themselves outnumbered in a fight with the Bengals at Bannerghatta Biological Park.

Amar tried to escape with injuries to his jaw and leg but nine-year-old Shreyas was stalked by Bengal tigers and then rushed in.

A clip shows Shreyas being followed by a Bengal before being rushed and killed by the rest of the group in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

The tragic incident happened last Sunday, where loud car horns could be heard to distract attacking tigers from their prey.

As a result, Shreyas did not die in the attack and was taken for treatment but later died on Wednesday.

C Jayaram, head of the local government’s forest conservation department, said an investigation has been launched.

“Meanwhile, we have also launched an investigation to find out why such a wrongful incident occurred,” he said.

“Do not repeat the offense and must punish those who have wandered.

“Both Bengal tigers are fine and they have been treated.”

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