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Terrifying Moment A Baby Hippo Is Drowned To Death By A Bull In A Bloody Fight

This is the terrifying moment a baby hippo is attacked and drowned by an adult male.

Hippo is a horror predator, it can attack in its own herd. In a terrifying attack, the four-thousand-pound gaur dug its teeth into the child before holding it under the surface of the water.

A video shows the male hippo swinging its baby around violently as the bloody calf stabs between its teeth.
The small animal could not resist the power of the ferocious. It accepts to become the food of predators.

Other hippos stood nearby as the female took her last breath before sinking back into the water.
The big hippo drowned the small animal in a split second, despite the other animals beside him.

The 14-foot bull, at least six years old, took just two minutes to kill the tiny baby. Baby hippo is a week old and weighs just 100 pounds.

The brutal attack is believed to have been the result of a battle for dominance between two male hippos, in which the murderous bull likely defeated and drove off the infant’s father.

In order to mate with as many females as possible, bulls may kill those fathered by other males. With the absent female no longer suckling, the mother will once again be ready to mate.

The attack was captured by safari guide and camp manager Peter Geraerdts in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, in 2018.

A 51-year-old man of Dutch descent who lives in Mfuwe, Zambia.

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