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Terrible Pride Of 3 Lions Was Extinguished By 1 Hippo.

This is the incredible moment a giant hippopotamus terrifies three thirsty lions by plunging into them to reclaim its territory. A brave Botswanan hippo has come face-to-face with its natural predators as they try to reclaim a mammal’s feeding ground.

Male lions made the mistake of stopping at the same watering hole as this very territorial hippopotamus in Chobe National Park in Botswana. The giant hippo chases three thirsty lions too close to the mammal’s favorite bathing spot. The giant hippo, weighing up to 1.5 tons, can be seen stealthily emerging from a lake in an African national park to approach its enemy.

A herd of lions is lounging on a small body of water to cool off from the harsh African sun. Their eyes turned to the water, detecting the semi-aquatic mammal’s poor attempt to approach pride with any form of stealth.
The pride of the lion makes good use of the quiet watering hole as one of the herd sits down to take a sip.

A hippo emerges from the muddy waters to face the lions. Chobe National Park is known for the large number of lions that regularly attack elephants in the reserve. Lions are a major predator for hippos, and so don’t be immediately alarmed by their presence, but choose to stand and stare.

Seen from behind, the hippopotamus quickly dashed toward the shore where the lions were watching, completely unfazed by the big cats. The trio quickly reach the shores after realizing it might be a mistake to get in the way of a hippo traveling at top speed. Winning, the hippopotamus then stands alone on the sandy shore of the water to bathe in peace.

Natural enemies stare at each other across the water as the hippopotamus prepares to attack its group. Lions are the dominant predator and have been known to kill hippos. Run don’t roar! Pride ran out of the way, realizing that it might be a bad idea to follow the path of a hippopotamus rushing to shore.

The brazen hippo, captured from behind, emerged from the water as three lions were seen darting off the shore into the bushes behind. The hippopotamus dashes along the water’s edge after successfully knocking his opponent out on the sands of the drinking spot. The lions came to drink at a small waterhole while the hippopotamus was watching them. Suddenly the hippo jumped out of the water and chased the lions out.

Hippos are highly territorial, they do not tolerate other animals in their territory. The lions are scared of hippos. Hippos are powerful animals. They can kill or injure them. Hippos are classified as endangered on the African continent, with continued population decline due to widespread habitat loss.

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