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Terrible As The Hippopotamus Competed To Enjoy The Meal On The Elephant’S Carcass.

Hippos were caught red-handed ignoring their herbivore instincts and burrowing into the carcass of an elephant on the riverbank. Hippos are gnawing on dead animals. One of the creatures was seen chewing on the trunk of an elephant.

No one can stop a hippo, so imagine a whole bunch of them. Hippos are known to be herbivores, but an elephant’s stomach is made up of 70% non-digestible vegetables. But here they are so excited that they salivate and try to tear the carcass open. A baby hippo begins to catch and release the trunk before it finally takes it in its mouth and chews.

A herd of hippopotamuses was discovered entwined with the carcass of an elephant partially lying in the river. However, especially in this case, the hippos didn’t seem to want to wait for their bodies to rot so they could eat the vegetables, instead trying to eat their way. Despite the large herd of elephants standing in the background, hippos can be seen gathering around the corpse.

Curious hippos can be seen examining the elephant’s body before attempting to gnaw the carcass. One elephant was even found holding the dead elephant’s trunk in its mouth, dropping it into the water and biting it down.

A second hippo joined the smaller animal to watch the dead elephant’s trunk as it floated to the surface. Advised the little hippo to stay away, the older animal opened its mouth to intimidate.

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