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Surprised with the arrangement to catch lion’s wildebeest

Photographer Gary Hill captured 19 lions in ambush to hunt down an antelope as a hearty meal for a pack of hungry lions at the MalaMala wildlife reserve in South Africa. Although the Kudu zebra is very large and strong, when faced with experienced lions, it still has to die after only a few minutes of pursuit.

The antelope ran away from the danger, but the lion still caught up and pounced. The lion grabs the prey that is trying to break free. Then the antelope was almost exhausted and collapsed, and the lion’s job was to bring his prey back to the whole herd.

Despite being one of the most powerful antelope species in Africa, but before the siege of the lions, the Kudu striped antelope still cannot avoid death.

In the grasslands of Africa, the lion is known to be one of the most feared predators. With outstanding strength and excellent coordination among members of the herd, they are capable of killing very large prey such as zebras, buffaloes, elephants…

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