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Surprised The Mother Buffalo Fights With 3 Lions To Protect Her Cubs.

This is the moment a brave buffalo attacked three lions after they grabbed a young calf in the herd. Hungry lions crawl on top of buffaloes and cubs scattering them in a terrifying 90-second challenge.
While most of the buffaloes escaped, one turned and stood firmly in front of the lions to protect its young.

But the big buffalo had regrouped and stood between the cubs and the lion’s teeth while putting his first horn at the circling predators. The three lions took the opportunity to surround their prey and close in on the calf. But the larger herd of buffalo couldn’t hold them back, and a young lion pounced on the cub between its jaws.

The buffalo was separated from the herd when it turned to face the lion and protect its young. While the buffalo stood in front of the two lions, a third large cat approached from behind to approach the calf.
Only the quick reaction of the adult buffalo can save the calf from death. The 1,000-pound monster lunged at all three lions just as they looked ready to eat the calf.

And the rest of the herd arrived just in time to make a dramatic rescue and put the retreating lions with their story firmly between their legs. The buffalo bravely attacked three lions when one grabbed the calf from its mother and ran away with it. Despite the buffalo’s best efforts to keep the lions away, the animals outnumbered her and drew closer to her calf.

It seems all is lost as the lions feed on their prey, closely followed by the grieving mother. The buffalo attacked a lion and tried to snatch its young back, followed by the rest of the herd, who attacked the big cats.

To see the lions is not so epic but to see them fight is great. The buffaloes were very brave to save themselves.

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