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Suddenly The Male Lion Jumps High To Give A Passionate Kiss To The Warthog In The Long Hunger

In the classic film The Lion King, Pumbaa the warthog and Simba the lion are good friends – but real life is nothing like the magic of Disney.

Distressing footage shows a screaming warthog being dragged from its burrow by a hungry lion in a display of nature at its rawest.

At the start of the clip, only the hind legs and tail of the young male lion are visible as he battles to pull the distressed animal from its subterranean lair in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Tourists watch from a nearby jeep as the lion effortlessly drags the doomed warthog by it snout above ground while it continues to let out chilling screams during the encounter.

The big cat then pins down the boar, which desperately thrashes about before succumbing to the lion’s fatal bite.

Jameson Aradalen, 21, from San Diego, California, was able to capture the unforgettable struggle on camera.

He said: ‘During my stay at White Elephant Plains Game Lodge in Kruger National Park, I experienced one of the most fascinating encounters while on safari.

‘The video shows a young male lion digging for a warthog that burrowed itself underground.

‘It was truly amazing to see the strength of the young lion as it pulled the warthog out of its sanctuary.’

Warthogs are generally aggressive animals, equipped with two sets of tusks.

When attacked, they open their mouths in defence and try to slice their foe with their razor-sharp lower tusk. Among the animals which prey on warthogs – particularly their young – are lions, African rock python and, from the skies, martial eagles.

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