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Suddenly The Jaguar Family Steals A Meal From The Hyena.

First, the hunting ability of hyenas was shown. Often considered thieves and scavengers by nature, hyenas are actually very capable predators. And this particular hunter, possibly a young male, took down a topi, one of Africa’s fastest antelopes.

Unfortunately, the hyena barely had time to sample its spoils before trouble hit. A female cheetah approached the carcass with her three 15-month-old cubs in tow, and the cubs began the chase. Outnumbered, the lone hyena had no choice but to skip its breakfast, and the cat family settled into an undisturbed two-hour party.

Seeing the poster animal for a high-speed hunt turn to scavenging is surprising, and the behavior is indeed very unusual. Cheetahs have been seen stealing from other cheetahs, but to my knowledge there are no published reports of leopards actively stealing from any other predator. When it comes to carcass theft, it’s usually the leopards that win. Their smaller size and solitary lifestyle make them vulnerable.

Such theft tactics have left lions and spotted hyenas partly responsible for the dramatic decline in cheetah populations. Stealing an unprotected cub is one thing, but stealing it from a larger predator is a risky move and it’s possible this mother cheetah took her chance because she had three extra cubs. mouth for food. This may be the first time a carcass-stealing cheetah has been caught.

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