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Stray Dog Starts Crying After Realising Humans Have Come Rescue Her

Here is the story of Tania Cappelluti who was going across Costa Rica in search of a stray dog when she came across a dog that was really looking for assistance.

“It was a scorching Sunday, Tania posted on her rescue’s Facebook page, “It was unbearable, we drove and drove and couldn’t find the puppy.”

“Suddenly, we came across this tiny black girl sitting on the side of a dusty road in the middle of nowhere!” The dog was so relieved to see Tania when she approached with water that she slumped to the ground and sobbed.

“She immediately fell on the ground and started weeping as I jumped out of the car to check on her,” Tania added. “She was covered in fleas and lice and dehydrated to a critical point.” However, it is the sweetest soul.

We offered her some food and drink. She was barely able to stand.” Tania is a yoga instructor who also operates Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue, a dog rescue.

On Facebook, she shared images of her puppy, Gaia. She connected with other animal rescuers throughout the country as soon as she rescued Gaia, and Gaia was immediately placed in a foster home. She was adopted by a Costa Rican woman shortly after.

Gaia found a good home in Puerto Jimenez. She lives in a great cool house with a lovely lady from France and already knows how to give high fives! Such an emotional story.