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Stray Dog Refuses To Leave Her Friend’s Side

Sidewalk Specials, a South African rescue organisation, rescued a senior lovely  street dog named “Kettle” from Hout Bay Harbour in Cape Town. He was in critical health conditions when they rescued him, but they were able to find him a home. Then they discovered Kettle had a sister and decided to track her down and bring her back.

Fortunately, they discovered her, but despite their gentle persuasion and offers of food, the stray dog refused to join them. Instead, she wanted to show them something. They pursued her and discovered a second dog hiding behind a car. She was shivering and covered in ticks, and she, too, was in desperate need of assistance. The female dog was adamant about not leaving her pal!

So, instead of rescuing one dog, they rescued two, despite the fact that they were short on funds and had nowhere to put them. After a short period of time, keep an eye on how the Hout Bay Harbour rescues are progressing! Fortunately, they have all found their loving homes. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect happy ending!

We should all try our best to take care of stray dogs because they really deserve a better life. If dogs are so loyal and always there for us we should never forget them.

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