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So Terrible The Giant Python Weighing 90 Kg Was Immediately Knocked Down By The Leopard

The images below show a mother leopard and her cubs battling a large rock python in a nail-biting battle.

The female leopard is resting in the treetops, after descending to reunite with her cubs for a brief socialization, the leopard relaxes while the cubs begin to explore – and it’s not long before a Something in the bushes caught its attention.

The African rock python may be one of the continent’s largest snakes, but they often hide in bushes or trees, making them difficult to spot. Even after the cubs had sniffed this four-meter-tall giant.

The riot among the cubs quickly caught the attention of the adult leopard, and it was a good thing that the young leopard had some backup. Armed with sharp, backward-curved teeth, these ligatures can inflict severe bites and are powerful enough to bring down a full-grown antelope. Adults can weigh more than 90 kg, and this squeaky specimen is not very far away.

Although the end result is undetermined. However, after defeating the enemy, the mother leopard turns behind the cubs, who have been sitting attentively watching the whole time, and gently pushes the cubs towards the flesh.

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