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So Horrible, The Albino Chimpanzee Was Killed By His Fellow Humans After Being Born

For the first time, a wild chimpanzee with albinism has been discovered. Baby lemurs are born with bright white fur and lack of pigment altogether.

Unfortunately, the male chimpanzee was born into a community noted for its high rates of poisoning, and was killed by adults as young as a few weeks old.

Several adult chimpanzees approached UP and the baby. They make alarm calls and so-called waa barks, which are used when they encounter dangerous animals such as snakes. A grown man lunged at UP and hit her. She quickly disappeared into the dense grass with the baby.

The chimpanzees hid in a bush and called out in anger and panic. It sounds like a fight and a screaming baby. The baby chimpanzee died after an attack by the group’s alpha male.

The males are killing babies they are not able to relate to, to get the mothers back into their cycles so they have a chance to father a child with them. After the child’s death, many chimpanzees carefully examined the body with confusion. Some people have sniffed its anus, or even put their fingers in it and sniffed it.

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