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Shocking Moment A Writhing Giant Anaconda Vomits Up A Large Cow After Trying To Swallow It

After devouring a large meal, this anaconda probably decided it wasn’t hungry after all.

The anaconda is a giant python species of the world. It is a silent hunter, killing prey by squeezing and can digest very large prey.

But the following scene is unfortunate, because greed tries to swallow large prey and the results are full of surprises.

Footage of a giant snake devouring an entire animal in the Brazilian jungle has become an unexpected online hit – despite its grisly content.

The footage shows the anaconda regurgitating a completely undigested animal. Because the prey is so large and it is assumed that it eats when it is not hungry, the amount of food consumed is not as much as when it is empty. The pleasant thing to do now is to vomit.

The animal can be seen slowly emerging as the anaconda writhes in the water.

Although when the video was posted online, it suggested the unlucky creature was a cow, commentators debated whether it was actually a capybara.

The giant rodent, related to the guinea pig and weighing up to 66kg (145lb), is native to South America and is the anaconda’s favorite prey.

The snake took about 90 seconds to get rid of its previous meal.

It is not known why it does not want to put its food down but anacondas are known to vomit food quickly if they are disturbed or frightened to aid mobility.

A green anaconda can grow up to 22ft but there have been reports of anacondas reaching sizes up to 40ft.

They can eat almost anything like fish, birds, other reptiles and large mammals including capybaras, tapirs and deer.

Snakes squeeze their prey before eating them.

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