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Screaming at the black bear, the young tiger received a ‘humiliating’ ending

In India, tigers and bears are among the most powerful animals. Occasionally, the confrontations between these two “kings” still take place fiercely. However, this time is different.

A black bear encounters a new adult tiger, but instead of a normal fight, the black bear chooses to “no confrontation”. The story begins when the black bear was on the tree when the tiger spotted it, it quickly approached the tree to prepare for the fight.

The young tiger roamed around, growling to scare the bear and using its claws to scratch the tree trunk. Meanwhile, seemingly disinterested, the black bear calmly did not tease the enemy below.

The encounter of these two ferocious animals took place in Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur, northwest India. When it was too much to bear, the black bear decided to join the fight, but the tiger quickly ran away.

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