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Scary Crocodile Dyes The River Red With The Blood Of A Zebra.

A flock of Nile crocodiles has been photographed attacking a migrating zebra then eating it while it tries to cross the river to safety. Some crocodiles started biting a zebra that was caught trying to cross the river.

The zebra appeared to be screaming in pain as the giant Nile crocodile tried to clamp its jaws down on its body. In shallow water, when crocodiles have nowhere to drown their prey, they simply tear them to pieces while still alive.

Bleeding profusely at this point, the zebra continued to splash in the water while the crocodile ripped the flesh off its back. Another zebra was caught when a hungry alligator tried to bite its head while crossing a river.

After grabbing the prey by the head, a second crocodile came forward and tore the zebra to pieces. Baby alligators are significantly lower in activity than zebras. Shockingly, the only part of the animal left was its hind legs – the rest had been torn apart by the crocodile.

A variety of zebras and wildebeest are being hunted and ravaged by giant reptiles at the start of the annual crossing. However, the 1,800-mile journey was arduous and an estimated 250,000 wildebeest did not reach their destination safely.

In this long journey, the herd is forced to cross many rivers – some are small but some, like the Mara River, are large and infested by hungry crocodiles. A calf is covered in blood after devouring a piece of zebra meat in the river.

A zebra with a large wound on its back staggered across the water surrounded by hungry crocodiles.
When the water is low, like in the photos taken, they literally eat their prey, ripping off pieces of meat from the screaming animal.

The river water turned blood red as the crocodiles wrapped themselves around the zebra and tore it apart. Every year, millions of animals trying to cross the Mara River are infected with bacteria to migrate.

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