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Rescued Skinny Pit Bull Gets Full Belly And Learns To Walk Again

Reese was discovered on the sidewalk. No one knew how this tiny baby managed to stay alive. Her body was in a critical situation that every bone in her thin frame could be seen. What kind of person would allow something like this to happen? What kind of person would do such a thing to her?

Animal Control was dispatched, and they contacted Jersey Pits, a local rescue organization, in the hopes of saving her life. They provided a photo of their dog, who was sleeping in the back seat of their car. Everyone who saw the snapshot was moved to tears.

Even when she couldn’t get her head up, she was grateful for the many kisses she received from her new human pals. It would be an understatement to say she was a loving dog. No dog deserves to go through such a critical situation, but a dog like Reese, who clearly has so much love to give, is beyond other cases.

Reese’s medical team took the essential procedures to help her recover. She required a great deal of attention. She was able to stand for a brief period of time after a week in the hospital. Sure, it was a minor achievement, but it was something!

Reese began taking her first steps on her own a few weeks later. She was wagging her tail and “sitting” as she was told to. She was released from the hospital after a month and returned to her medical foster home.

Reese’s foster mother, Ryn, claimed she was nervous during the vehicle ride but “came alive” as she got into her foster home and realised she was safe. She excitedly picked up toys and played around with them. Reese was inside a house where she was wanted and nurtured for the first time.

Reese then changed into a’real dog’ in the blink of an eye. She’d leap onto the sofa and demand fun. She truly blossomed once she was healthy enough to go for walks. She realised there was a huge universe out there waiting to be discovered.

Ryn reveals in the video that she had to loosen Reese’s collar every morning when they woke up. It was an incredible achievement since it meant Reese was gaining weight and becoming healthier! Reese’s health is improving and she is gaining weight. She’s still with Ryn as she recovers.

She’ll be up for adoption soon, and everyone who meets her believes she’ll make a lovely addition to any family. We are overjoyed that Reese was discovered and brought back to life in such a timely manner. Thank you to all of the animal heroes that persevered!

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