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Rescued Chihuahua And Chicken Form Unusual Friendship Becoming Inseparable

These two rescued friends are inseparable, and they demonstrate that it’s okay to be different everywhere they go. A Chihuahua and a fluffy chicken may not appear to be a natural match, but these two saved friends are inseparable. Penny and Roo have already been featured in the press, but this time it’s because of a beautiful new film featuring the two of them.

Roo was left for dead in a ditch, most likely because he was born with only two legs, while Penny the Silkie chicken was rescued from a testing facility when she was only a few weeks old. Both of these animals had only recently been born.

The moment they met, they hit it off and quickly became friends. Perhaps both were able to pick up on the fact that the other had been through some trying times. Now both of them reside with their adoptive mother, Alicia Williams, and she even brings both of them with her to the animal hospital where she works every day.

Penny is not bothered by the fact that Roo uses a wheelchair with customized components. She truly enjoys bouncing around on her back while she does this. And as a form of reciprocity, Roo doesn’t look down on Penny when she lays eggs at odd times. That’s real friendship right there.

Penny is more comfortable being around Roo than any of the other chickens that Williams has tried to introduce her to in the hopes that she will feel like a part of the flock. She may view him as nothing more than a fuzzy, wheeled chicken.

Even after everything that they’ve both been through, Roo and Penny continue to live their lives with a lot of joy, love, and fun shenanigans. This fact alone makes them an extremely motivational couple. Their mother maintains a Facebook profile that is updated frequently with new information about her children.

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