Top Reasons to Visit Grand Canyon National Park

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Grand Canyon National Park’s natural beauty is unmatched throughout the rest of the world. Grand Canyon National Park encompasses 277 miles (446 kilometers) of the Colorado River, including the famous Grand Canyon, where layered bands of colorful rock reveal millions of years of geologic history. Rim-to-rim hiking, donkey rides, and whitewater rafting are popular ways to view the majestic beauty of Grand Canyon National Park. Beyond the natural beauty, Grand Canyon National Park is also home to National Historic Landmarks and incredible museums.

Whether you’re looking for a scenic drive to view the highlights of the park or considering a multi-day adventure, Grand Canyon National Park is loaded with opportunities that will not let you down. Here are the top reasons to visit Grand Canyon National Park.

Way before the advent of Instagram, photographers were flocking to Grand Canyon National Park to capture the vast landscapes and stunning vistas that make the park so famous. We’ve all seen photos stuck to refrigerators or tucked away in family scrapbooks. Simply speaking, if you visit the park, you better get your photo with that iconic background. The desert landscape can change drastically depending on the season or even the time of day. Orange and red tones cover the cliffs during sunrise. Cloudy days bring out hues of purple and blue. Perhaps the best is when winter brings dustings of snow to the rim. Grand Canyon National Park is filled with so many amazing places for photography. Here are some of the top spots to capture a worthy photo.

Mule Trips
Mules have been carrying visitors through the canyon since the late 1800s. Nowadays, guided trips offer visitors a unique adventure while taking in breathtaking vistas of Grand Canyon National Park. Mule trips are offered for day-trippers and those that want to head down to the Colorado River for a one or two-night stay at Phantom Ranch. South Rim tours are offered year-round though reservations are required and do fill up fast. North Rim tours are offered from mid-May to mid-October, these trips do not go down to the Colorado River.

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