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Python strangles antelope then dies after being skewered by horns

A python was hit by instant karma last week after strangling an antelope – and being skewered by the horns. The heavyweight African rock python was seen pouncing on the impala in a field in Luapula, Zambia, on April 3.

But in the ensuing struggle, the pyth on tried to swallow the living antelope – only to be killed by one of the animal’s sharp horns. The animal is believed to have used its defence mechanism in one last attempt to escape and plunged it through the snake’s brain.

It killed the python but its efforts to escape were in vain and they both died alongside each other. Farmer David Reeve found the pair sprawled on the ground with one of the horn’s piercing through the python’s head.

David said: ‘Basically the python tried to swallow the Impala and unfortunately the impala’s horns penetrated through the pythons skull. It’s very rare but can happen. This happens if the Impala is still alive after being swallowed.

‘I just left the snake and impala after to be eaten by vultures and jackals which is a natural process. ‘We have lost of snakes and animals inside the farm, so these kind of things happen a lot.’

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