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Puppy Refuses To Even Look At The Cat His Owner Is Trying To Introduce

Who doesn’t enjoy viewing videos of baby animals, who should make up 99 percent of all online content? Many of us keep these tiny animals in our homes as pets and still can’t get enough of them. Bailey is a well-known golden retriever with a massive YouTube following. She has close to a million subscribers across her many channels, and she is viewed globally. People love to see her react in her special bits because she is utterly amusing.

Bailey meets a variety of creatures in one of the episodes. She has interacted with ducklings, infants, rabbits, and more. The series has given Bailey the chance to make some adorable friends. Fortunately, he is such a sweet dog that he tolerates these new encounters. His heart is even cuter than a dog this adorable.

It’s quite great that Bailey finally had the opportunity to interact with a kitten. On the couch, Bailey displays his easygoing attitude. He is calm. After a short while, his pal enters the room with a tiny bundle of fur. Bailey is unaware of it, but we are!

He gets up from the couch and ducks behind the armrest since he has no idea what the man is holding. He sits and takes a few “gruffs,” then carefully observes. When it comes to people, you can never be too cautious! When the man stands up and moves the tiny object closer to Bailey, he flees. He appears to be suspicious of something.

The humans required another strategy to make this work. They bring the kitty in after he has settled down. They cautiously draw his attention to the tiny cat in their hands while holding the furball. Bailey won’t even look at them in an almost rebellious manner!

He must have experienced some major cat trauma in the past. Who knows what happened to Bailey when he was a puppy, but he jerks his head away whenever he sees the cat. An excellent technique for him to overcome his phobia is to climb up onto his friend’s lap. Bailey must be carried about like a baby to see the tiny cat!

Bailey still isn’t having it despite some patience, pets, and hugs. Bailey was still upset despite the humans’ best efforts to reassure him that he isn’t being replaced with someone else. After a few more tries, it becomes evident that Bailey is genuinely unaware of the kitten’s presence in the house.

We’d like to watch another video to see if they’ve improved! Bailey is kind-hearted and most likely just needed more time to get comfortable around the kitten. Hope they provide us with an update!

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