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Patient Dog Stays Calm While His Human Sister Performs Check-Up On Him

Having both children and dogs living in the same house can occasionally feel like more than one person can handle.

I’ve watched a lot of people’s parents struggle to get a handle on all the chaotic racket that their adorable four-legged and two-legged children generate, and I can relate to that. Having spent my childhood beside a menagerie of canine companions, I can declare without a shadow of a doubt that the bond that develops between a youngster and his or her dog is one of the most enriching friendships that a person is ever likely to enjoy.

In addition to the fact that they get to spend a lot of time cuddling and snoozing with the warmest companion they could want to have, they are also in a position to instruct a great number of valuable lessons to one another. For instance, this little girl is honing her patience-building skills thanks to the company of her adorable dog. The name of the dog is Nala, and she maintains an incredible level of composure even as the young child examines her in great detail! What a cute method for this young doctor to get some experience!

The video demonstrates how she meticulously examines Nala’s paws, ears, and mouth with her toy instruments. She does this while wearing some cozy pajamas inspired by The Little Mermaid rather than wearing scrubs. Her mother always encourages her to be “kind” when handling the friendly dog’s ears, but this young veterinarian already has the deft touch of a seasoned pro! It’s not the first time Nala has had this surgery done, and I highly doubt it will be the final time she does either! In stark contrast to Nala’s unflappable disposition, their second, more rambunctious dog can be seen yapping and bouncing around behind them, which makes for a comical sight.

Have a look down below to witness the young doctor giving her close friend the all-clear regarding her health.

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