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Orphaned Baby Goat Gets Adopted By 2 Loving St. Bernard Dogs

Hans, who is just 6 weeks old, has been raised by an odd pair of foster parents, and as a result, he is already well-versed in both being a goat and a dog. Isolde, a student living in Belgium, has a green thumb and spends the majority of her time in her countryside garden with all of her farm animals. She is responsible for taking care of Hans and his St. Bernard parents.

Even though Isolde takes in and cares for a variety of other animals at her house, such as cows and chickens, the relationship that Hans shares with his furry teachers, Julie and Basiel, is truly one of a kind. Isolde explains to The Dodo that her youngster has a lot to learn from the canine companions. “Since they don’t bother the chicks, he doesn’t worry about them either. He enjoys lazing around with the dogs, taking strolls with both me and the dogs, and sunning with the dogs, but his favorite activity is napping with the dogs.

Isolde’s farm was the first place the tiny ball of energy called home after he had spent his first four days in the hospital. Isolde was more than happy to take Hans in after learning that his mother had passed away and that his previous owner was unable to bottle feed him.

The goat quickly improved his drinking habits, began interacting socially with other goats, and even figured out how to use the litter box used by the cats. Hans has also improved greatly as a climber, particularly on St. Bernards, who treat the child with as much care and affection as if he were their very own puppy.

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