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Orcas Killer Is Devouring 70 Feet Long Blue Whale

Orcas – also known as killer whales – are hunting and killing blue whales, the largest mammal that ever lived on Earth.Adult blue whales are 60 to 70 feet long, although these majestic creatures can reach 110 feet in length compared to the Orcas’ maximum length of 30 feet.

In total, 14 orcas are ravaging adult blue whales, with female predators ‘leading the charge’ in the hunt for the flesh.

Before that, another blue whale was captured by a group of Orc as and killed two weeks later. Orcas are one of the most recognizable cetaceans, with their distinctive black and white bodies, but they are also highly intelligent and can coordinate hunting tactics like a pack of wolves.

Although often referred to as ‘killer whales’, orcas are actually the largest members of the dolphin family.
This species is recognizable by its black body with a white underside and patches found near each eye.

They subsist on a varied diet of fish and marine mammals, but populations specialize in certain types of prey.
Some groups will eat nothing but fish, while others will hunt other types of marine mammals including seals, whales and even dolphins.

Killer whales are known to harass and attack blue whales, but the killing of a healthy adult blue whale has been confirmed as a world first. This is the biggest predatory event on the planet – the biggest predator on top takes down the biggest prey.

Orcas are the apex predators of the ocean, and are known to prey on a variety of species, including calves of humpback and gray whales.

When hunting larger prey, Orcas take turns stabbing their victims at 35 mph, as well as biting flesh and blocking its blowhole until it drowns.

The blue whale is a critically endangered marine mammal. It was the largest animal that ever existed.

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